Because there are two tax systems in America, one for the informed people and one for the uninformed people.

Taxes will most likely go up in the future and the biggest enemy to you becoming wealthy will be how much Uncle Sam takes from you in the form of taxes. Remember it is not what you make that matters but what you keep that counts. Use our system and stop paying your 'UNFAIR' share!!!

TaxSaver is a first of its kind application that is designed to save you on expenses that are tax deductible. While there are many applications out there which help you to track your expenses & mileage. Tax Saver USA is the ONLY APP that complies with IRS required information for valid deduction of expenses. Custom Alerts and Quick Books integrated reports will help you with filing your taxes.

Spend a few minutes a day to record your expenses and Tax Saver USA will help you organize them by categories and provide detailed reports. Mileage Tracker uses its built-in GPS capabilities and location services to save the route map for your mileage.

Time Tracker helps you log and track your time spent on various projects and activities. Easy to use time tracker also lets you consolidate all of your efforts by week, month and year.

TaxSaverUSA is cloud enabled.Our premium users can store tax receipts for lifetime and our regular users can save their taxes free, for one full year on our safe and secure cloud. Our web-enabled platform will help you print reports or export them into PDF, Excel and CSV formats.

This is an all-in-one platform designed to help organize your expenses, mileage and time. Filing Taxes will never be grueling or cumbersome again. This is your perfect companion for managing and saving your expenses as well as filing taxes.

TaxSaverUSA is available for iPhone, iPad and Android users.