First and foremost we are proud to say we are veteran owned.

We have been in the IT business for over 20 years and have over 5 years in app development experience. We also have 20 years of auditing experience including 15 years in the financial industry. This makes for a dynamic team with a wide array of talents.

The idea for this tool was born out of necessity. There was really nothing like this on the market. If you owned a home based business it was a mess to keep track of expenses and deductions for tax purposes. It is for this reason that for last 5 years we have had several tools working in development. Tax Saver USA is the product of those 5 years of development. Through an extensive vetting process we believe we have created a cutting edge technological tool, backed by years of experience.

We are TaxSaverUSA! Helping you win the battle against tax overpayment!!!!!!